Just sound the alarm (clock) and wake up 20 minutes earlier to exercise in the comfort of your boudoir; use your mattress and pillow as props for the moves below-and wear your pj’s, if you please!  Note – First, warm up your body for three minutes by continuously performing moves like toe touches and jumping jacks. Then, complete the following full-body circuit

1. LOSERS NEED MULTIS When shedding pounds , you are probably calories – and vitamins and minerals. “It’s difficult to get all the essential nutrients to less than 1,600 calories per day A multivitamin can replace important nutrients that you may be missing to be sure , any more – . . Maintaining a loss should be added as

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We all get the occasional ache or pain; it’s usually remedied by an early night, or a trip to the chemist. But, how do you tell a harmless twinge from a symptom linked with a more serious condition?  

Often termed as central or truncal obesity, this terminology refers to accumulating additional fat around your abdomen.    How do you decide if it's extra? Well, if your tummy is jutting out more than the average body type, and it's pretty obvious, we are falling under the category. The best way is to measure yourself up with a measuring tape and draw a


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