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20 Women Share Their Experience on an IUD

There are many options when It comes to choosing your birth control. Before deciding anything, you must go to your doctor and see what’s your doctor suggests to you. Here are some women who shared their experiences of having an IUD.

  • After stressing about possibly pregnant, I finally go and meet two gynecologists. They suggested trying the pill first. But I’m not that who can take any pills regularly. After researching a lot about IUD, I decided about getting IUD. The procedure was not that hard. I feel a bit of pinching and keep breathing throughout the insertion procedure. I had very bad cramps after many hours of insertion. I have it for like 2 years and it was a great experience.

  • I highly used to recommend IUD before. My close friends and family members suggested I have IUD. I have it for 3 months only and get no period during this time. I got my hormonal issues and weight like 10 pounds. It was the worst experience.

  • I had IUD for 3 years and had an amazing experience with it. I got my periods on time but with pretty cramps. It was a good experience than other types of birth control but the insertion procedure was worst. It hurts like cramps.

  • I’m very happy with my experience with IUD. After having it, my life was stress-free and I enjoy my life mindlessly. I used to have painful period cramps but after having it, I have no cramps at all.

  • I can’t stop myself from sharing my amazing experience with IUD. I have had it for two years now. Before having it, I used birth control pills but it doesn’t work. I couldn’t handle the insertion procedure only otherwise there are no other side effects of it.

  • After my daughter, I get IUD placed as I don’t want to be pregnant again. I have never taken any type of birth control pills and place IUD for the first time. The insertion procedure was not that bad as much I heard about it. I had no periods and had it for four years and it was amazing for me. Three months ago I had it removed as I planned to have a baby and then I had the worst period with heavy cramps and hormonal issues.

  • I never had my periods for 4 years of having an IUD.  The placement of it was very uncomfortable. It also poked my partner several times which was not good. But still, I think it’s the better option for birth control.

  • I almost lost my sex drive. It was the worst experience. I have never been pregnant before the placement of IUD. I had unstoppable bleeding and cramps were horrible which let me remove them. Now, I had irregular periods.

  • I had IUD for three years. At first, I had heavy bleeding and cramps for two to three months. My doctor told me that it will hurt for few weeks only but it lasted for many months. But it was not that bad experience. Actually, it’s way better than any other birth control. So, I prefer having IUD and will have another soon.

  • It was very painful. I never have experienced this much pain in my life. I know how to handle pain but it was the worst. They go through this pain for 12 months that was awful. I got my period punctually but other side effects like hormonal acne, mood swings, cramps, ruined my sex cycle.

  • It hurts in the insertion procedure otherwise I will recommend it to everyone. I had it for almost two years with no pain or period. Three years was fine but now my period cramps are horrible. My doctor helped me when I was in pain very nicely. I will be getting it again soon. I miss my stress-free days of 2 years.

  • I used to take birth control pills of different brands. But I give up and could take it anymore. Then I decided to go for IUD. I had it for five years. My first one lasted for 3 years and the second one for 2 years and I still have it. No doubt the insertion procedure was very difficult but my doctor suggested me a painkiller which was very helpful for my pain.