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5 Tips On Abdominal Obesity

Often termed as central or truncal obesity, this terminology refers to accumulating additional fat around your abdomen. 


How do you decide if it’s extra?

Well, if your tummy is jutting out more than the average body type, and it’s pretty obvious, we are falling under the category. The best way is to measure yourself up with a measuring tape and draw a general comparison between yourself and others in a similar age group. Following the average abdominal width, gauge the results and decide if you need to worry. Please note that with females, this might also vary given certain natural conditions like pregnancy, hormones, etc. This conversation is health-related because visceral fats engulf some of the vital organs inside the body and can lead to hypertension, diabetes, or heart disease. 


A thorough cardio routine

Let’s start with the most obvious of all. It’s no surprise that cardio is the most efficient of routines to burn calories and improving health. The intensity of your workout is not as important as the duration and continuity. It’s a good idea to invest in some workout gear to help get your exercise routine in order. Here’s a list of effective workout for burning belly fat:

●      Burpees

●      Mountain climbers

●      Russian twists 

●      Overhead slam balls


Manage your protein and include soluble fibers in your diet

A protein-laden diet is more likely to keep your abdominal health in check. It is very essential for weight management and helps your muscles retain their mass during weight loss while improving your metabolism drastically. Both vegan and non-vegan sources of protein are available that you can incorporate into your diet for generous, everyday consumption. On the other hand, the inclusion of soluble fibres like flax seeds, avocados, brussels sprouts, etc., will turn the water you intake into a gel, slowing down food movement through your digestive system. Your stomach will feel content sooner. 


Steer clear of trans fat foods

What are trans-fat foods, and why are they dangerous? Tarns are fats generated in your body when hydrogen is pumped into unsaturated fats, with soybean oil being one prime example. These fats are primarily found in certain processed edibles, margarine, and spreads. It’s best to use olive oil or non-hydrogenated margarine. Also, choose unprocessed grain void of trans fats. 


Say no to fructose 

It is extremely important to cut back on the amount of sugar you consume. If your sugar intake is high, it is making an impact on your abdomen. Sugar contains fructose, and sugar drinks contain an extreme amount of liquid fructose. Both of these are processed differently by the brain; unfortunately, the latter being the worst. Not only this, fructose is linked to many chronic diseases if consumption is high. 


Green tea and probiotics

If you have a slow metabolism, your body likely has some calories here and there, which are referred to as the leftover calories. Your body starts storing them as additional fat. For improving your metabolism, green tea is the most effective remedy available. Here’s why it contains certain ingredients, including caffeine and an antioxidant known as EGCG, that has shown visible results. It is also believed that green tea vitamins are nonetheless a much better alternative with some regular workouts. On the other hand, probiotics are good for boosting immunity and your gut health. They have certain bacteria which are classified as healthy and can be traced in certain food items. You can choose probiotics containing any strain of lactobacillus, which prompts weight loss.  



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