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5 Tips For Better Sex

The internet is flooded with tips and tricks that can help you improve your sex life. You’ll find a lot of stuff on trying new positions, getting kinky, getting yourself toys, and whatnot. But among all these numerous things, we forget the most common and majorly ignored tips that could be beneficial in bed.


So, let’s quickly go through some tips that can help you come on top of your game:


1. Communication:

A couple’s communication is above all. By having these conversations, you and your partner’s relationship can have emotional, psychological, and mental benefits.


Yet having the vocabulary for sex doesn’t always translate so seamlessly into comfortable conversations. But communication is part of having good sex. The willingness to talk about the kind of sex we have or want to have is a key skill.


The ability to convey what you liked the best, how frequently you want to, what unknowns are you willing to explore, or how to deal with the differences will only make your relationship stronger. Also, you should communicate about good things in your partner that he/she did for you. It will increase the time and pleasure of your sex.


2. Honesty:

Honesty is the best policy and it comes to sex as well. You shouldn’t be ashamed to tell how many partners you’ve had over time and how frequently you like it.


The rationale behind promoting sexual history disclosure [previous number of partners] is thought to be that young people who have more information about a potential partner are more able to make sexual protective choices. This provides partners with information for assessing the risks associated with sexual activity within their relationship.

If you are honest during sex your partner will love it and it will be better for both and will lay a foundation for a healthy relationship.


3. Sexual Health

Everyone has different preferences including who they like, what they enjoy sexually, and what they choose to do with their body. It is important to respect each person’s preferences, even if they are different from your own. Being upfront about your sex life may seem scary, but it is important to do so to maintain healthy relationships with yourself and others.


Additionally, the more open you are with your healthcare providers, the more likely you are to receive the best care possible. These are worthy goals to set and obtain to make sexual health a priority. Not everyone will be able to check off each item from the list, and that’s not necessarily an indicator that they are lacking in sexual health or are otherwise unhealthy.


Generally, safety, both physical and emotional, and happiness for everyone in a sexual relationship are the keys to living a sexually healthy and authentic life. Generally speaking, sexually healthy individuals are willing to express their desires while respecting the preferences of others.


4. Come Curious:

It will be a game-changer for any gender if you come curiously during sex. One of the quickest and easiest ways to increase your lasting time is to breathe correctly before and during intercourse. Most guys with premature ejaculation get this dead wrong and it will sabotage your efforts to make it through the all-important first two minutes of sex.


There is a lot more to it than just taking deep breaths, but it’s easy to learn the correct breathing techniques once you know what to focus on. Premature ejaculation was often entirely blamed on mental issues, and men who couldn’t last in bed were prescribed sessions on the couch with psychiatrists or even hypnotherapy. As you might guess, this didn’t work very well, and you have to feel for guys in those days that didn’t have access to the type of modern science-based training methods.


5. Romance is the key

Never forget the importance of good romance. A little flirting may go a long way to turn on your partner. Think of everything romantic; flowers, candlelight, scented candles, good music, and a naughty little dress to set the mood.

It’ll start gently and will proceed towards a whole new stage of pleasure.


So, here were the 5 key tips to be the king or queen in bed. No single formula works the same for all. So, keep experimenting!