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health benefits of pineapple

5 Health Advantages Of Pineapple

Pineapple is third on the list of the most important tropical fruits. Must you be wondering about the other two, right? So the first one is banana and the second citrus. Pineapples originated from South Africa and got named due to their spiky interior, which resembles a pinecone. 


Is pineapple a seasonal fruit?

The best thing about pineapple is that it’s available all year-round despite being a seasonal fruit, although the peak season runs from March to July. You will find it fresh in the markets or canned, it’s always available in one form or the other. 


The Benefits of using:

This tropical fruit is packed with tremendous health benefits. The vitamins and minerals in pineapples make your bones stronger, help with viral and bacterial infections. Some evidence suggests it may also help fight cancer or fertility issues by improving the quality of sperm. 


Cancer is a chronic disease that occurs with the uncontrolled multiplication of cells. The progression of these cells is believed to be generated by chronic inflammation or oxidative stress. The compounds found in pineapples have shown results of reducing inflammation and oxidative stress. 


An excellent source of antioxidants that help in preventing certain cardiac diseases, diabetes, and cancer. 


Pineapples have a surprisingly low-calorie content but a perfect amount of nutrients.

They contain digestive enzymes which support ease of digestion, given some visible traces of bromelain found in it. Bromelain has anti-inflammatory properties which also leads to the general belief that it may provide relief to people suffering from inflammatory arthritis. This is also one of the reasons that pineapples are used as supportive therapy post-surgery. The fruit is a great meat tenderizer 


Is there a specific way to eat pineapple?

Not really. Pineapple is a very convenient fruit that is extremely easy to incorporate in your meals be it breakfast lunch or dinner. It can serve as a dessert or cooked in gravies without losing its taste popularity and only enriching the flavor of food. 


Somethings to consider: 

It has a very high vitamin C content which in some cases may cause some diarrhea or vomiting if overeaten. Although this may happen, it is rare, and pineapples have more health benefits compared to this. 


Allergic reactions:

If you are allergic to it, the reaction will be triggered even if you consumed a very small unnoticeable amount of the fruit. Allergic reactions to fruits are not as common as food allergies. Symptoms may include unconsolable itching or hives. Chances of you having this allergy are doubled if one of the family members has it. Get in touch with a doctor if things get back; you might have to take an anti-allergy recommended by him if it comes to this.

For centuries pineapple was used as therapy in traditional medicine, given its medicinal and therapeutic characteristics.  


What are the substitutes if you are allergic?

● apples

● pears

● grapes

● bell peppers

● citrus fruits

● Mangoes

You can also replace the juice with any of the one’s above-mentioned fruits.