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10 Superb Looks In Just 10 Minutes for This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day only comes once in a year, and yet you have no idea how to be stunning! I know you ladies want to have that glamorous look that will make Cupid busy, not by looking for men to shoot his arrow with, but by looking at you!

1. Straight-up Sexy

The hairdo: Apply straightening serum in wet hair then blow dry. Partition hair in 5 sections and stroke with brush. Spray light shine to finish.

How about the face: Apply light strokes of pink blush-on and lipstick. Keep eyes natural.

2. Funky look

The hairdo: Braid as much sections of hair as possible and leave it braided for one day. Remove braids and scuffle hair. Match with floral hair accessories.

The makeup: Blush on with peach hue. Combine eye shadows in shades of neon. Apply pink lip balm.

3. French sophistication

The hairdo: Smooth down hair then braid the front in half French braid style. Wear butterfly clip above ear. Pair with pearl earrings.

The makeup: Use transparent mascara. Keep face natural. Use Hazelnut-colored lenses for eye-wear.

4. Bombshell Blowout

The hairdo: Work on with smoothing cream. Brush hair from bottom to top while blow-drying. Slide a flatiron when hair is dry. Match hair with looping earrings.

The makeup:Apply moisturizer. Use dark-colored lipstick to finish.

5. Curly girl look

The hairdo: Brush hair. On the neck length of your hair, place hot rollers, then for 1 minute, use hair blow-dryer. Leave the hot rollers on for about 5 minutes, and then remove.

The makeup: Apply colored moisturizer, colored lip balm and a sweet touch of Aqua blue Kohl Eyeliner.

6. Retro look

The hairdo: Divide hair into two sections (left and right). Make two pony-tails. Have that rugged look at the tip of pony-tails and apply gel. Match with ear loops.

The makeup: Brighten cheeks with soft Turkish towel. Apply “winged eyeliner” and lip gloss to finish.

7. Sexy Shag

The hairdo: Apply protective styling spray, then blow-dry and divide hair into small sections. Glide flatiron to tips to curve outward.

The makeup:Use gray eye shadow and dark eyeliner. Apply glossy moisturizer and finish with strawberry-pink lipstick.

8. Sleek and stylish updo

The hairdo: Curl hair upwards and hold it with clutcher. Accompany clutcher with hair accessories.

The makeup: Match sheer foundation with shimmer-colored eye liner and bright lipstick. Finish off with bronze blush-on.

9. Mohawk look

The hairdo: Puff your crown area by pulling hairs from front and stuff with Velcro. Tie the leftover hair at the back. Match the hairstyle with thin long earrings.

The makeup: Highlight lips with bold-colored lipstick. Use transparent mascara.

10. Mermaid-tail look

The hairdo: Comb hair towards your left. Have it divided into two equal sections. Start braiding by taking small sections. Emphasize the fish-tail look by using gel on the tips of the braided hair to make it appear pointed.

The makeup: Use a combination of foundation, silver eyeliner with mascara and crystal lip gloss. Give your cheeks a pinkish glow using blush-on.