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10 Minute Calf Workout For Women

Your calf muscles get secondary attention in most lower body workouts. You do not have to add weights if you are looking for a nice toned effect, burn a little bit of fat off and get the muscles to pop a bit more. Adding weights to the calf workout is not recommended unless you want to add mass and size to it. We have listed an 8 step workout routine for you which will give your calf muscles the attention that they have been deprived of. It’s great for strength building and not very time-consuming either, perfect for a busy routine.


This workout routine suggested for your calf muscles will take 50 seconds of work with a 10 seconds rest and does not require any other equipment.


Calf Raise

Basic tippy toes are the first step. Try not to let your heel contact the ground with any of these motions, whenever you go up on your tippy-toes. That’s where you’ll start to feel the burn. It may appear to be nothing at first, but give it 25 seconds and you’ll notice.


Outer Calf Raise

The next movement is still going to consist of you being on your tippy-toes except now you have to spread your feet out at a 45-degree angle and again the same dealio do not let your heels touch the ground. If you catch yourself touching the ground a couple of times because your calves are sore take a break and keep going.


Inner Calf Raise

The next action requires you to remain on your tippy-toes, but this time you must extend your feet out at a 45-degree angle and avoid allowing your heels to contact the ground. Take a pause and keep going if you find yourself touching the ground a couple of times because your calves are hurting. Did you notice that there is a pattern, every time you are on your tippy-toes you are working your calves? If you want a life hack you should just walk on your tippy-toes 24/7.


Raised Pile Squat

Squat down into a pile squat while remaining on your tippy-toes. If you’re unfamiliar with pile squats, their squats performed with your feet pointed outwards at a 45-degree angle. You’ll be simultaneously working your calves and inner thighs, and you’ll be working your calves since you’ll be on your toes. Put your legs together and pulse this time with your calves. Simply proceed a little faster than you were before as if you were in constant movement, but this time you must go a little faster.


Pulse Calf Raise

You don’t have to place your feet together for the following round; instead, pulse twice and then descend without letting your heels contact the ground. So you move up, down, up, down, but never let your heels contact the earth. This makes it burn a lot more because you get to be on your tippy-toes for a little while and then go a little higher than before.


Outward Calf Raise

Returning to the basics, we’ll extend our feet outwards at a 45-degree angle and just stand on our tippy toes, pulsating constantly.


Inward Calf Raise

Now we are going to put our feet inwards this time and again go on your tippy-toes.


Raised Pile squat

Squat on your tippy-toes and get back into a pile. You should keep going even though it hurts. Rest. After this period, all you have to do now is stretch out your calves, which have been nearly obliterated. This is meant to be a yoga motion, similar to downward dog and upward dog. When you’re in downward dog, extend your calves and then bend your left leg for 3 seconds, then your right leg for 3 seconds, left leg again, right leg, and then you stretch it out in downward dog, which is a variation of the upward dog.