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10 Things Women Shouldn’t Have to Apologize For

1. Prioritizing your work

Prioritizing your work is nothing to be ashamed of. A healthy working space thrives under a dedicated team. You are as entitled as your male colleagues to work or build your career.

2. Eating by choice

Something as basic as eating should not be questioned irrespective of gender. Although women are more influenced by external pressure and often blatantly questioned about it. It’s not uncommon for peers, co-workers or family members to pass judgments on your food consumption or choices. Please note that neither of these is appropriate or acceptable no matter how frequently practised; it can not be passed as right. Such behaviour is demeaning and toxic; don’t let yourself be subjected to it.

3. Your bra cup size

Your bra cup size is relevant to your anatomy. Since when having a specific body type became a problem? Your genetics, anatomy or anything contributing to it is no one’s business.

4. Saying ‘NO’

Refusing to help when you’re in no position to do it or cutting off advances that make you feel uncomfortable is pretty much okay and normal. You have every right to. Saying no is one thing that requires courage. Irrespective of the outcome, it’s somewhat easier to say yes because you might feel this unnecessary guilt afterwards. Take a moment and lay down your options because there’s probably a reason that you might want to refuse. It shouldn’t have to be big or drastic but putting your needs as secondary isn’t healthy either

5. Taking care of yourself

Taking care of yourself is a very human requirement. You need yourself the most. Treating yourself occasionally with a nice relaxing day at a spa, a dress or anything that you’ve had your sights on for a while but didn’t have the courage to buy. Make yourself feel loved; you might not need an outsider to justify the feeling.

6. Not wanting to have kids.

It’s okay not wanting to have kids. You can be career-oriented or an adventurer. Also, it’s a good idea to consider the gravity of the situation. It’s a life after all that has to depend on you, are you really prepared to take on that responsibility? It’s okay if you feel like you’re not or never will be.

7. Taking up space

Never feel guilty about this. You are as privileged as everyone else around you to feel comfortable. Since the earth is not private property, be yourself outrageously so. Stop making yourself small to fit into uncomfortable places, situations to accommodate others.

8. Making more money

If you can work twice as hard as the other gender are equally or more talented, isn’t it your right to?

9. The monthly cycle

Periods are not embarrassing; they are the most natural thing that happens to your body. It’s basic biology.

10. Showing emotion

Emotions make you human. There’s nothing irrelevant about them. You can experience happiness, sad indifference etc. without having to account for all your actions made