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12 Warm-Up Exercises Before You Begin Your Workouts

Warm-up exercises are done to prepare your body for any physical activity like sports, or weight lifting. Warming up the body is very beneficial for us in many ways and minimizes the chances of injury in a particular activity.

1. Simple march

Start the warm-up exercise with a simple march. You can speed up if you want to but keep your speed low at first is recommended. Stand firmly with feet apart and bend your elbows at 90-degree. Move your right elbow in the upward direction and your left knee at the same time. Repeat these steps on the opposite side. Breathe steadily throughout the exercise.

2. Cross body toe touch

Nextly, go for cross body toe touch. It’s done by reaching down toward both feet with both hands. Use your one hand at a time. It helps in the stretching of hamstrings and is an ideal option for beginners.

3. Overhead reach

Overhead reach is another basic warm-up exercise that helps to improve your mobility and flexibility. Stand with feet apart and shoulder-width apart. You can take your position according to your comfort level. Now, move one arm over your body and hold for two seconds. Repeat the process for the other side. Perform this exercise at least four or five times.

4. Arm circles

Arm circles help to tone your shoulder, triceps, and biceps. Stand straight with feet and should apart. Keep your arms straight and parallel to the floor. Start circling your arms with a small motion. Increase the motion of your circle gradually to bigger slowly. Reverse the direction of your circles after some time and repeat the process.  

5. Inchworm

Inchworm is a very beneficial warm-up exercise that targets the whole body and suitable for beginners. It strengthens your muscles. You can also use this exercise in the rest break of a highly intensive workout. Stand straight with feet apart. Breathe in and out then bend your back and move your hands towards the floor. Also allow your knees to bend. Then plant your hands on the floor and help your heels to lift off. Come back to your initial position. Repeat the process several times.

6. Lunges

Stand tall and move your one leg to the side. Let your knee bend and hips down and keep your other leg planted firmly. Reverse the direction of your leg and repeat the process on another leg now. Repeat the process for 20 seconds. There are many types of the lunge. You can do stationary lunges, side lunges, twist lunges, and reverse lunges, and walking lunges as your warm-up exercise.

7. Squat cross arms

Squat cross arms can be performed by doing simple squats with the cross arms movements of your hands. Stand feet apart and raise both of your hands. Allow your hips and knees to bend down and cross your arms over your head. Keep doing it for 30 seconds at least.

8. Leg circles

Leg circles help to strengthen your muscles in the lower body. Place your hands and knees on the floor. Now, rise on your leg and draw some circles. Slowly start making big circles. Then, raise your other leg and repeat.

9. Standing crunches

Standing crunches targets your entire core. To perform this exercise, keep your hand behind your head and stand feet apart. Now, Bend your right leg and lift it as high as you can. Then, bend your left leg and again repeat the same procedure. Keep it doing for 30 seconds. Breathe in before lifting your leg and exhale as you crunch.

10. Cross jacks

And the last exercise is cross jacks. You are recommended to do it fastly. Cross your left hand and leg at one time and right hand and leg in the next second. It’s the most common and easiest exercise to do. Do it for 20 seconds.

11. Final thought

Warm-up exercises are an important part of starting an intense workout. It helps in boosting up the flexibility of muscles. You are advised to consider slower exercises for warm-up. If you’re a beginner, then don’t take any step without the instructions of your health instructor.