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Hip Dip- The Latest Women Body Trend

Lately, the internet seems to be obsessed with the latest body trend, “Hip dips.” These are the natural inward curves found above your thighs below your hips. This shape is also known as violin dips or violin hips, and it has nothing to do with your weight but the structure of your body.

This latest body shape is trending on Instagram, and as per the Google data survey, there has been a 40% increase in searches compared to last year. Yet, as beauty standards continue to reach unattainable levels, hip dips have now entered the list of so-called flaws that need fixing.

However, most fitness posts call it a cause for concern and have made most women search “ how to get rid of hip dips” or “exercises that can flat my hip dips.” If you have found yourself concerned and think hip dips are something to be ashamed of, then you’re at the right place as we’re going to walk you through everything you need to know.

“Hourglass body,” “violin dips,” or “hip dips,” whatever they name it, are nothing you should be ashamed of. As they are completely normal and determined by your genetics and build, you can’t change or get rid of two things. It’s All Natural!

Why do hip dips occur?

In some bodies, hip dips are pronounced, and in some, they may be subtle depending on the shape of your pelvis. They can be more or less noticeable, determined by how your body distributes fats or muscle mass.

Are hip dips a sign of heath?

There has been a common misconception that hip dips are a sign of health. However, hip dips are just a part of your body associated with the shape of your bones or your genetics.

Hip dips occur just because you have a high femoral length or due to the width of your pelvis. The size or shape of your hip dips has nothing to do with how healthy you are.

Is it normal to have hip dips?

Wiener explains that “hip dips are not a sign of obesity, unhealthy, healthy, overweight or underweight” she further adds that “ the amount of fat present in your body can have an impact on your hip dips and make them more noticeable but they cannot be completely gone as they are a part of your bone structure; and while you can enhance your body features through diet and exercise you cannot change your bone structure”

If you’re worried about having high-fat contents in your body, they are safe ways to get rid of it and bring your fat and muscle mass into a healthier balance. You should always consult an expert to track your macros for fat loss and give you a healthy calorie deficit diet.

Can hip dips be gone forever?

Accept it or not, you have to adjust with your hip dips as there’s no way they can be gone entirely forever. Exercise and calories deficit diets can help you build your muscle mass and lose the extra fat to minimize the shape of your hip dips.

What you can follow is do multiple lower body exercises like lunges squats to target your lower body muscle fats to work on your dips. However, don’t just focus on zeroing your gluteus; your main focus should be strengthening your entire body.

What matters for your body is your hip strength and stability. Having good hip strength will make it easier for you to perform your daily tasks and prevent you from causing any injuries. Weak hips can cause knee pain and many other problems associated with it.

Stop feeling self-conscious about your hip-dips; they are a part of your body; embrace them. Do not tire your body working on something that cannot be gone. Instead, spread a message of body positivity and encourage others to love their body too.

Should hip dips be a matter of concern?

NO! As mentioned above, you should love yourself and every part of your body. You are beautiful the way you are! Struggling on your body and pushing it to extreme levels can be potentially very damaging to your health. So stop searching for ways to get rid of your hip dips and focus more on strengthening them to lead a happy, satisfying life.