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What Is A Rainbow Kiss? A Sex Therapist And Gynecologist Explain How To Do It Safe

You must have heard about the Rainbow kiss in your life. You will be shocked to know its meaning as it has a little weird definition. This term is uncommon. You may hear about this topic for the first time. Today you will know about what type of kiss rainbow kiss it and how to do it safely.

What is a rainbow kiss?

If you think that rainbow kiss is the new lip shade of Kylie cosmetics then you are getting it wrong. It is basically an adult term that refers to the adult practice between two individuals. It is performed between one couple in which one is a woman and the other one is men in most of the cases. In this type of practice, the woman is on her period. Firstly, the men perform oral sex and then put blood in their mouth and then women perform sex and put the male reproductive organ in their mouth. After this, they kiss each other and mix up their mouth ingredients.

A little more about rainbow kiss

Rainbow kiss depends upon everyone’s own sexual preference. The name “Rainbow kiss” is given because the blood color and the male reproductive cells made rainbow colors after mixing up.

Many people prefer doing it after performing the sex in the ”sixty-ninth” position to make their cathartic bliss more enjoyable. At the same time, many people are not in the support of Rainbow kiss as they don’t like to do experiments in bed, while many people think that it makes your sexual contact even more interesting.

Carolanne Marcantonio, LMSW, the founder of Wise Sex Therapy Associates and the sex therapist says that this can activity can bring the couple, even more, closer to each other. According to the MD, a board-certified gynecologist in Jacksonville, Staci Tanouye says; Sex with different and new styles make it more exciting. Many people go for it as they have a fantasy of trying new things. She also added that doing sex with different methods is fine but you should always consider your health as a priority.

How to do Rainbow kiss?

To do it, the couple has to perform oral sex with the 69th position. For doing it, one of the individuals must be menstruating at that time. At the time of cathartic bliss, one of the partners should have blood in his mouth and the other partner should have the male reproductive organ in her mouth. After doing it have a kiss. This is how you can do a Rainbow kiss.

In case, both of the partners don’t have a penis and both have a vagina. That doesn’t affect. You can have a kiss with the vaginal secretions. In case both of the partners have a penis that also doesn’t matter.

Why people do rainbow kiss?

  • Some people enjoy trying new things.
  • This method turned them on. They think that the red color is hot.
  • Many people do it for strengthening their bond.
  • For becoming blood sister.

Is doing Rainbow kiss is safe?

If you think that doing rainbow kiss is healthy, then you are wrong. Doing rainbow kiss is not a healthy activity to do. It’s not safe to put a Male reproductive organ in the mouth as its cells contain infectious pathogens. The diseases that are raised due to infectious pathogens include:

  • Human immunodeficiency viruses
  • Sexually Transmitted Disease
  • Syphilis

The blood of the period is also not clean. It also contains many infectious particles. Make sure that your pleasure doesn’t transform into a big health risk. If you want to share a rainbow kiss with your partner, you must assure the STD status of your partner.

Health risks that may arise due to rainbow kisses include:

  • Hepatitis A
  • Hepatitis B
  • Hepatitis C
  • Human papillomavirus (HPV). HPV can cause throat or mouth cancer too.
  • Herpes simplex virus,
  • Human immunodeficiency virus
  • Syphilis
  • Chlamydia
  • Diarrhea
  • Dysentery
  • Gonorrhea.

The above-mentioned health risks arise from bodily fluid during oral sex. The chances of getting transmission risks also rise with the exposure of blood. So, you don’t have an idea about the sex history of your partner, the rainbow kiss is not a good option for you. Have a rainbow kiss only with a person you trust or if he or she is gone through STD or STI testing.

Take proper precautions to have a rainbow kiss and try to make it as safe as you can. Plus many people cannot even control the semen and blood in their mouth. Don’t force your partner for having it. The issue that may arise after it can even lead a person to death. Don’t do such things that can affect your health later.

The sex therapist also suggests not flossing your teeth before having a rainbow kiss. Sometimes, by flossing teeth, our gum bleeds. This also increases the chances of getting a dangerous disease.

Final words:

Rainbow kiss is an uncommon term and hidden from many people. It is a happy accident that occurs when the woman is at her period that the time of oral sex. You should do this activity unplanned as it’s important for the one to go through some precautions before having it. You must not force your partner for it as everyone cannot hold semen and blood in their mouth. Do it only when you both finish at the same at keeping blood or semen in your mouth for a long time can be dangerous. In simple words, planning and timing is the key.

Many people go for it as they think that it’s good to try a unique thing while some people think that it is gross. Some people also promote doing it as they think that orgasm can lessen the pain of menstrual cramps. Everyone should try making their sex safe while making sure that their partner is comfortable with it. At last, this article is written as an informative topic only. We are not promoting either advising the people to do it. If you think that it’s a good activity, go for it, if you think it’s not, then well and good.