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Chair Sex Position

7 Chair Sex Positions You Must Try With Your Partner

Chair sex positions are not rare and usually practiced by many individuals. People adapt chair sex positions if beds are not available, beds are noisy or they want to bring excitement to their sex life. Remaining on the same boring sex position is tiring. To bring more excitement and pleasure in your sex routine, try more sex positions.

In this article, we are going to elaborate about the sex position known as chair sex to bring magic in your sex life. There are a lot ways of doing it. We are going to explain some of them one by one.

Armchair Lotus

The Armchair lotus sex position involves one person siting cross leged and the other partner facing them for intimate penetration. This position deepens the connections of two individuals as in this position full body contact is involved in the form of sensual hug. The good thing about this position is that you can customize it according to your choice. This type of position is good for the beginners as you can communicate easily by facing each other all the time.

For getting this position, the partner with penis has to have a set first with their legs crossed over the chair handles. The other partner has to  take this position in such a way that their eyes and chest face the other person. The person who takes the position first can also wrap their legs over their partner. How you participate in this position depends upon your sexual preferences. Take care of your comfort level. Try starting slowly.


Want to increase the pleasure in your sex life? Try bowstring. You can perform it simply on the couch, dining table chair, on a desk or wherever you are comfortable.

For performing this position, you need to sit on the edge of the chair, and bend your knees. Make sure that your foot touches the floor. Now invite your partner. He needs to bend a little towards you. Raise one of your legs and put it on the shoulder of your partner. Adjust yourself according to the position and start once you are in a comfortable position. You can also wrap your leg over the thighs of your partner. Also add kisses and hugs in this position to make it more intense.


If you are looking for the best and effort less sex postion then Zeal can be a good option. You can use your chair in another creative way. To start, find a comfortable chair, and ask your partner to sit on the chair’s edge. Then you need to sit on the lap of your partner. You need to sit in such a way that your back faces the chest of your partner. Let your palm rest on the knee of your partner. Now start grinding according to your sexual preferences. It can be forward and backward or slide down and slide up. You can go for any movement whether you want to be slow, fast, somewhere in between, hard, or sensual.

French Kiss

French kiss can also be counted in the effort less and mostly liked by woman sex positon. Sit on any comfy chair or on an armchair in such a way that your legs touched the floor. Let your body slide in the downward position by planting your butt on the edge of the chair. Spread your legs widely and invite your partner. Your partner should be facing you between your legs. Place your hands on the back of your partner. To make it more exciting, involve kisses in it. Many people enjoy this position as both of the partners are very close to you and can hear the moans of each other clearly.

Chili Pepper

If you are looking for a sex position for explosive orgasm then chili pepper can bring the fire. It may be challenging for you physically but totally worth it. For this position you need an arm-free chair as the legs of your partner need to be separated widely.

Let your partner be in a comfortable position. He can also let his back rest. Now you need to sit on his lap and bend your body towards the ground in such a way that your hands touch the ground. This is the reason your partner needs to spread his legs as much as he can so that you don’t find any difficulty while bending down. Now you can start in the thrust up and down manner. It can be difficult and painful for you as you cannot be in that position for a long time so have a talk with your partner. Don’t force yourself.


If you’re comfortable with anal sex then it would be a good option for you. Make sure that your chair is arm-free. For getting into position, sit on the chair by throwing your legs over the backrest of the chair and hold the back rest firmly for support. Now invite your partner to sit on the remaining part of the chair by facing your back. Let your partner hug you from behind. You can start now in your preferable movement. If you perform this position well then you’re never going to switch from this one to any other.

Cowgirl On The Chair

It is very common sex position on the chair. In the first step, let your partner sit on the chair in an easy position. The best thing about this position is that it can be done anywhere whether on bed, on a chair, or on the couch. It is an easy position and less demanded physically. Once you find a comfortable position, sit on his lap. We recommend the movement of thrusting up and down or grinding. To make it more enjoyable, wrap your legs around him, softly hold his neck with your hand. He can play with your boobs while doing this position.

Final Words

In this article, we discussed seven different chair sex positions. You can try them according to your sexual preferences but make sure that you and your partner are comfortable while performing any position.