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14 People Share The Most Thoughtful Gifts They Received During Breast Cancer Treatment

1.  A Card To Make Them Laugh

Cards from Em and friends are the best thing to gift to a patient for bringing happiness to their life. No matter how hard life gets, little things like well-wishing cards can lift up the mood of anyone. When a person is going through any treatment only professional health workers are not necessary but also extra love and attention. Kate Johnson says that I wish I can distribute 10,000 cards in a day.

2. A Surgery ‘Prep Kit’ (With PJs!)

Facing surgery is a very difficult task. If any of your friends are going through it then what about gifting him or her a Prep Kit with other needed essentials? Anna from North Carolina says that Surgery can affect a person mentally and physically. Make a gift hampers and include all the self-care products in it. Also add products that are needed recovery period after surgery such as soft pillows, comfortable PJs, and Spa kits.

3. Meaningful Charms

Laura from Michigan tells about the gift her nurse gives her. She says, going the chemotherapy is one of the most difficult phases of my life. In that phase, my nurse supported me a lot. She gifted me a necklace that spelled, “J-O-U-R-N-E-Y” It’s been 17 years now and I still wear that necklace. I hope that my nurse is doing well somewhere.

4. Good Old-Fashioned Hangs

Mia Coleman says that she was going through stress and anxiety when she heard about her breast cancer disease. The thing which helped me the most during this phase of my life were my friends. My friends are very much supportive. They take me to my favorite coffee shop or shopping mall for making my mood pleasant. Gaining love and attention from the people who care for me is the best ever gift for me and this all makes my pain lesser.

5.     A Sweatshirt with a Personal Touch

Leyla from North Carolina says that she lives alone and away from her family and friends. I was going through the pain of chemotherapy alone. One day I received the package from my family. In that package, I found a zip-up hoodie. It is signed by all of my family and friends. I wear it during my bad phase. I felt like receiving love from my loved ones all the time.

6. A Favorite Homemade Snack

Family is the most important part of my life, says Jodi Inverso. She added that when I was suffering from breast cancer, my family takes care of me a lot. I still remember one of my aunts uses to cook my favorite homemade snack for me during chemo. Those containers filled with amazing food were a perfect gift no doubt.

7.  A Massage

The thing which helped me a lot during the days of my chemotherapy was the massage from my granny. The massage from her soft hands gives me the courage to face my rough days.

8. A ‘Happy’ Package

One of my friends used to send me a happy package after some days. It was plants, novels, green tea, books with mind-blowing quotes. Who knows greenery and motivating quotes can help that much, says Sarah.

9. Brow Makeup

Going through the pain of chemotherapy was not that difficult for me but losing my healthy hair was. I used to have long hair and hairy brows before my chemo. I told my one of my best friend from high school about my pain. The next day I received a parcel of Sephora with amazing brow product, says Suzanne.

10. A Listening Ear

I received many gifts from my fellows including gift hampers, cards, flowers, and many other treats but a listening ear of my mother was much needed during my procedure. During the normal routine, I don’t have enough time to talk with my family members, especially with my mother. When I was suffering from breast cancer, I shared a great bond with my mother and I will forget that time.

11. A Home-Cleaning Service

Liza Smith from Los Angeles says that I received many gifts from everyone when I was ill and this made me realize that I have people in my life who genuinely care for me. My friend’s daughter used to draw peacocks for me and mailed me her drawing regularly because I like a peacock. I best gift I get in these days was from my colleague who hired cleaning services for me. This gift from my dear colleague actually saved me.

12. Planning Help

My brother was with me during my chemo and helped me a lot during the whole period. Having at least one sincere friend or family member is such a blessing. There was no one else to help me when I was suffering. My brother was the one who motivate me and helped me throughout my rough days. He also used to take care of my children. I still remember that he planned the birthday of my son when I can’t arrange it due to my disease.

13. Handwritten Notes

Hundreds of gifts from loved ones saves me from the pain of chemotherapy. Daily my mail was filled with amazing gifts. That was the time I realized that the worth of a gift doesn’t matter. Even handwritten notes are enough for making a person realize how much she or he is important. The thing that lesser the pain of my treatment were surely those handwritten notes with multiple best wishes. I will never forget the gifts I received at that time. It’s been 5 years now. I still carry them with me and read them sometimes.

14. Childcare

My mom starts living with me when she knew about my disease. I still remember how she put her life on hold and helped my children in those days. From making food to dropping them at school, my mom knows what is good or bad for my children. She also accompanies me when I have to go to the hospital. She always reminds me to take medicine at the time.