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10 Hair Tips Every Girl Should Know

Maintaining the freshness and glory of hair is a big challenge. The perfection of the hair depends upon hair care. Here are some basic tips every girl should know to get healthier hair.

Tip no 1: Make it stick!

To tie your hair with a bobby pin, properly spray it with hair spray before putting them in the hair. Bobby pins do not stick to our hair many times and may slide away. It’s the amazing trick to make them stick property.

Tip no 2: Sleek pony

To get a sleek pony, apply hair spray on your hairbrush and then brush it through your hair. It will make your pony sleek without any greasiness. Don’t apply hair spray directly to hair. It can leave your hair looking sticky.

Tip no 3: Blot away

If you don’t find any suitable shampoos to get rid of greasy hair then blotting sheets may help you. Use these sheets to have shining and clean hair. It will soak up all the grease.

Tip no 4: 5 min curls!

Curling is a difficult and time taking task to do. If you are in hurry to go somewhere then 5 min curls tip may help you. Tie a ponytail and curl only your ends using a hair curler. Your hair will look very decent in a little time.

Tip no 5: Don’t crease it:

Don’t make a ponytail or messy bun before sleeping. It will cause it to freeze. Use a couple of cotton pads and wrap them around your hair before using a pony.

Tip no 6: Pump up the volume

Here are the two tricks for getting volume hair:

  • Use a little amount of hair serum before styling your hair.
  • Blow-dry your hair in the opposite direction to get the tons of volume.

Tip no 7: Color your hairline

Coloring your hairline is a good option to make your hair look fuller. Simply use an eye shadow color that matched your hair color and fill the areas of your hairline with the help of a small brush.

Tip no 8: Say bye to flyways:

Apply the hair spray on any makeup brush and use it down your flyways to have smooth hair.

Tip no 9: Raise your pony!

To add extra volume to your ponytail take one Bobby pin and clip it at the backside of your pony.

Tip no 10: Avoid using different hair products:

Don’t use multiple types of hair shampoos or products. The chemicals in those products will ruin your hair.  It will make your hair scalp dry and itchy.

Some things you must know:

  • Choose sulfate-free shampoos to make your hair healthier.
  • DON’T use towels. It’s the texture is not suitable for your hair. You can use any old T-shirt to dry your hair. It will absorb all the delicate water without any hair damage.
  • Don’t comb your wet hairs. Our hairs are weak and can be broken easily when they are wet. Dry them before brushing your hair.
  • Use the wide-toothed comb to avoid hair fall.
  • The hair follicles need some nutrients to make your hair stronger. For this reason, you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle with enough protein and drink a lot of water. You can also have some natural supplements to fulfill these needs.
  • Make sure to trim your hair every month. It will also help you if you’re planning to increase the length of your hair.
  • Don’t use an electric hair dryer to dry your hair. Let your hair dry by itself. If you’re in hurry then apply hair serum before using a hair dryer.
  • Use natural products on your hair. The best nutrition for your hair is a protein mask. To make a protein mask, mix up one whole egg, some yogurt, and two tablespoons of any hair oil. Using coconut oil is recommended. Apply it to your hair and wash it after at least 45 minutes.
  • Hot water can make your hair dull and lead to hair fall. Using hot water is not recommended at all. Use warm water.