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Beauty Hacks

25 Beauty Hacks For Moms

If you are a mother who barely has time for yourself, these quick beauty hacks will give you instant results while saving your time and money:


  • For thin eyelashes use an eyelash dye to make them appear thick and voluminous.
  • Pour a generous amount of micellar water on two cotton pads, put your used eyelash on one and cover it up with the other, wait for a couple of minutes, this will make the used eyelash as good as new.
  • Draw around your receding hairline with a brow pencil and blend in with a brush.
  • Half avocado and a tablespoon of coconut oil mixed together in a paste are excellent for dry and flaky skin on your face.
  • For a nasty breakout use black shampoo, henna, one slice of orange, one slice of lemon mixed together to make a paste, apply on pimples for instant results.
  • Use fresh aloe vera gel for shaping your eyebrows.
  • White pencil enhances the color of any shade.
  • Use concealer to wipe off accidental mascara smudges, it will not leave a greyish streak of pigment afterward.
  • For a natural tan put one spoon of cocoa powder in a bowl and mix with body cream to apply.
  • Use a fork to contour the nose.
  • The sticky side of duct tape is ideal to clean your dirty brushes on.
  • Crush aspirin to powder, add some sweet almond oil, and make a solution.

soak cotton wipes and layer the towels over your damaged heels and footpads. Cover your feet in cling wrap, followed by wrapping them in a towel, and wait 5 minutes to get smooth feet.

  • Dip your finger in melted candle wax to get rid of dry and damaged cuticles. It will hydrate and refresh.
  • Mix equal amounts of rice flour and cocoa powder to use as dry shampoo. Apply mascara on your tweezer and lightly put each hair if the lower lid in between the tweezers.
  • Clip your hair from the front and blow-dry for a voluminous front parting hairline.
  • Stick an empty lip bar container inside a vaseline jar, pluck it out. You have your own petroleum jelly for ease of use.
  • Tie your hair in a ponytail from the front and straighten it outwards for a bouncy look.
  • Put a hydroseal band-aid on your pimple, leave overnight and it will disintegrate.
  • Stick a paper towel on your brush before brushing, this way you can easily take the hair out when you pull out the paper towel.

Cosmetic facts that you don’t know:

  • Oil creams contain a large number of components that clog pores. Water-based allows the skin to breathe
  • When applied to the skin vaseline forms a thin impermeable film. Because of this, the dermis does not lose its moisture.
  • Olive oil contains useful vitamins A, D, and K which penetrate deeply into the skin and cleanse it.
  • Strips for cleaning pores effectively help with the removal of dirt. Black masks have a lighter effect.
  • Makeup remover oil and micellar water, makeup remover gel. Coconut oil is very effective in removing makeup.
  • Dip your tweezer in ice-cold water before plucking. The increase in temperature will help reduce the pain.