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8 Proven Ways to Reduce and Eliminate Bloating

What is bloating?

It is the stage when your belly feels full and swollen after eating. It commonly occurs due to the buildup of gas in the tract called the gastrointestinal tract. In simple words, bloating is caused when an extra amount of solid, liquid, or gas is present in your digestive system. Bloating can make your stomach bigger than usual, and is also very painful sometimes.

It’s a very common problem many people experienced regularly. Bloating can also be caused due to sensitivity of the abdomen and Fluid retention in the body.

Bloating can also lead you to a serious medical condition. For reducing eliminate bloating, you need to some food or ingredients which are not acceptable for your stomach or work on your diet routine.

Here are some commonly reported issues which cause bloating:

  • Digestive issues like allergies or constipation.
  • An unhealthy diet like the involvement of a large amount of sugar or salt can lead to bloating.
  • Hormonal issues are another reason which causes bloating.

Here are 8 proven ways to reduce eliminate bloating:

1. Don’t eat too much

Eating a specific amount of food can save you from numerous diseases like high cholesterol, liver, and heart disease. If you can’t skip a meal due to any reason, you can break your big meals into smaller portions. If you eat 3 times a day then start eating five times a day but in smaller portions. Also, chew your food properly while eating. It can decrease the amount of air you take in with your food.

2. Increase physical activities in your routine

Physical activities can help you to release gas and stool from your digestive system. Add going for a walk and doing yoga to your routine. It will make your bowel move and you can get fast relief from gas pressure and constipation.

Different yoga poses also encourages your body to finish the blockage in the gastrointestinal tract. You can try poses as happy baby pose or child pose for instant relief.

3. Avoid the ingredients you are allergic to

Consider nutrients like lactose, wheat, gluten and increase the use of eggs in your diet. You better see your health inspector to know your food allergies and then strictly avoid them.

4. Avoid the intake of gas or air

The biggest source of gas in your body is the usage of fizzy drinks or soda. Another source of gas is naturally produced by bacteria in the gut. Drinking through the straw and chewing bubble gum can also swallow your body.

5. Don’t eat food that gives to gas

Here are some foods that can cause more gas in your body like, beans, carbonated drinks, lentils, Broccoli, Onions, wheat, Dairy products, rye, barley, apples, beer, garlic, and sugar alcohol.

6. Take massage

Taking abdominal massage can also help you move your bowels. Here is a process you can follow for relaxation:

Place your hands a little above your right hip bone and smoothly rub in a circular position and keep rubbing towards your right rib cage. Now repeat the same process on your left side.

7. Use peppermint oil or capsule

Peppermint oil or capsule is another effective solution to indigestion. Doctors suggest using them for patients with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) but people with bloating can also treat their problem with it.

By using peppermint oil or capsule, you can relax your intestine muscles and let your bowel move effectively. Must follow the instructions written on the packet.  You can also take advice from your doctor before using it but it’s not harmful to you.    

8. See your health specialist

If you think that your problem is becoming worst day by day then rather than looking for any remedy you must go for seeing your doctor and find out your condition if it is serious. As stated before, there are chances of more complications in your stomach, and bloating can also lead you to any serious medical condition.