Just sound the alarm (clock) and wake up 20 minutes earlier to exercise in the comfort of your boudoir; use your mattress and pillow as props

1. LOSERS NEED MULTIS When shedding pounds , you are probably calories – and vitamins and minerals. “It’s difficult to get all the essential nutrients

If you have walker’s insecurity or runner’s remorse, kick it to the curb by deciding which is better for you.

During the winter months, it can be hard to maintain healthy eating and exercise habits. However, for those of you that are really serious

We all get the occasional ache or pain; it’s usually remedied by an early night, or a trip to the chemist. But, how do

GIVE YOUR MUSCLES A REFRESHING DIP. BOOST YOUR TRAINING RESULTS WITH ENERGIZING, REPAIRING FRUIT. As you know, protein (amino acids, specifically) is essential for muscle



Excess weight makes it harder for the body to use insulin for

In case you have ever had butterflies in your stomach prior to

The most commonly overlooked muscle in a fitness regime is the calf.

According to most researchers, the afternoon slump or the 3 PM grogginess


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