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15 Ways To Boost Energy At 3 P.M Without Caffeine

According to most researchers, the afternoon slump or the 3 PM grogginess is a common experience widely shared. Somnologists have, over time, urged people to adopt a more healthy lifestyle that might contribute to a long term positive effect on our quality of life. Unfortunately, turning to caffeine, sugar or refined carbs for help is not a solution but a recipe for disaster. 

Gorginess is your body’s response to workload or lack of adequate sleep. In some cases it’s said to be associated with depression and the absence of a healthy diet with many other reasons down the list. 

Research that might help without compromising your health. 

A good joke

Just like a light workout, laughter can work wonders for stress and high blood pressure. In addition, it helps release endorphins, an excellent way to feel revitalized. 


How about a stroll?

There is scientific evidence available on the effects of activity without caffeine? The results were surprisingly positive. Hence taking a short walk when you overcome fatigue is a proven energy boost.

A low carb and protein-laden breakfast 

It is advised to opt for a smaller lunch but an evenly balanced breakfast that will slowly regulate energy rather than all at once which might contribute to lethargy later. 


A midday workout

It might sound far fetched, but it’s never a bad idea to uplift your oxygen flow and blood circulation. In addition, people who made room for exercise during work hours showed improved productivity.


Chewing gum

As crazy as it might sound, researchers have put this theory to the test and concluded a positive outcome. It is said to enhance alertness. On a side note, people who chewed gum at a leisurely pace after consuming food had a more significant energy expenditure. Choose your timing wisely! 


Your favourite music

Crank it up when feeling drowsy; if it’s upbeat and fun, you’re definitely in for a good awakening. The amount of dopamine released is a good stimulate for your energy levels. 



Keep them around; their aroma boosts intellectual development and mood. 


Give yourself a break.

Prioritizing task completion before settling in for a break is not as productive. Your brain needs to recharge, and small breaks after every 90 minutes will increase its productivity, also good for your mental and physical health. 


A Power Nap

Not possible at work, but when home, take a quick power nap. How quickly does it have to be? As per popular research, not more than 10 to 30 minute. It will help you battle grogginess while significantly improving your mood. 



The more, the better. Even a loss as low as 1.5 in the average water volume can lead to fatigue. Women especially are more prone to this. So keep yourself water-saturated as much as you can. 


Workspace distancing

 Avoid eating in front of your desk. The change will contribute to the betterment of your mood. 



 Frequent meditation is proven to reduce stress making it less possible for that afternoon tiredness to mess with your system.


Advance planning 

Some people have a higher productivity ratio around 8 to 9 AM; why not plan your tasks accordingly. Then, you can reserve the hard work for the early part of the day. 


Go out in the open 

If you can’t go for a walk, just stand outside for a couple of minutes. There’s nothing more healing than some fresh air and light sunlight to chase the drowsiness away. 


Peppermint essential oil

Keep it handy. It is good for a little boost and smells heavenly.