Daily healthy routine


Some positive changes are so essential in life for a much needed healthy lifestyle. While there is no magical formula for a sudden positive change, you can make small changes in your daily routine to keep it healthy and productive. For example:


Making your bed every single day

If your bed is unmade it gets so easy to slip right back in. It is something very basic to start with but gives you a purpose and routine.


Limiting phone usage

When you wake up in the morning try to limit your phone usage and get out of bed to start your day rather than scrolling. Try the same thing at night before going to sleep. The longer you use it before bed the more it’s gonna keep you off a much needed sleep.


Listening to a podcast or ted talk during breakfast

Whether it’s listening to a podcast or ted talk, it keeps your mind off going into overdrive with negative or stressful thoughts. You will have something positive to think about or reflect on for the rest of your day.


Healthy eating

You should start swapping the unhealthy food items on your list with healthy ones. Instead of a bag of crisps snack on dry fruits or fresh fruits.


Vitamins and probiotics every day

It’s good to take a probiotic right after waking up before breakfast. It will benefit your skin, mind and overall health. You have to take care of yourself now if you want to look your best when you age.


Tidying your space

You might feel down when you are in messy surroundings. Cleaning up your room and lighting some aromatic candle is setting a vibe for you to be in a more clear mindset.


Daily workout

Find some way to work out, it does not have to be expensive. You can always indulge in something like core power yoga or running outside. Look up for free workout classes on youtube. You are never going to regret working out, you may regret not working out because the post work out adrenaline will only make you more energised.


Motivational sayings

You can write something motivational on your dressing mirror or a post it note stuck to your computer screen. It could be anything generating positivity and serving as a good reminder whenever you come across it.





Organising your day

Make a to do list every day and try to accomplish every thing on it from most important to least. Don’t beat yourself over something that you couldn’t do, shift it to the next day. Crossing of the things that you were able to do gives you a motivational high everyday.


Try to journal or read

Do something that’s not on your phone or having to sit and look at the tv. Something that’s going to benefit you. Journaling helps with overbearing thoughts when you have no one to talk to.You feel so much better when things are off your chest. Reading is great too, especially self help books.


Mind set

Think positive, if you constantly think negative it is going to affect everything like your mood and energy. Try to think of three positive things in your life that you are grateful for, when you feel demotivated.


Go to bed at the same time every single night

Try to be persistent with your routine of waking up early and going to bed early and retrain yourself to be a morning person if you are a night owl.



Don’t let yesterday’s mistakes keep you from doing the right thing today.