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15 Calf Exercises That Will Tone Your Legs Like You Wouldn’t Believe.

The most commonly overlooked muscle in a fitness regime is the calf. Yet, it is one of the large and significant muscle groups that require strength training.

 Building up your calf strength: 

● Start gradually with an excellent stretching exercise. 

● Cramps can be avoided with good water consumption.

● Overuse injuries are typical of training errors. 

Create a quick workout climax more focused on your calf

Choose any 3 moves. After performing 15 reps each, take a 30 seconds pause. Once done with all, repeat the process twice. 


1. Calf Raise

Stand with feet wide apart. Raise your heels, and the knees should be straight, not locked. Squeeze your calf muscles and gently lower your heels. 

2. Isometric Calf Raise

Stand with feet wide apart while holding dumbbells. Raise your heels, and your knees should be straight. Squeeze your calf muscles; wait five seconds before lowering. 


3. Inward Calf raise 

Stand with feet wide apart, toes pointing inwards and heels slightly protruding. Raise your heels. Keep knees straight, not locked. Pause, squeeze your calf muscles, then lower. 


 4. Outward Calf raise

Stand with feet wide apart, toes protruding, and heels slightly in. Raise your heels above the ground and keep the knees straight, squeeze your calf muscles, then lower. 


5. Squat to Raised Heel

Stand with feet wide apart, toes slightly protruded. Lower to a squat while dropping your arms in front. Push the heels to stand and bring your arms overhead, lift the heels, repeat.


6. Single-Leg Calf Raise 

Stand with feet wide apart. Raise your foot and bend the knee at 90 degrees. Keeping your leg raised, press the ball of your right foot to lift the heel. Pause and squeeze calf muscle before lowering. 

7. Jumping Jacks

Feet together and arms at sides. Simultaneously stretch the arms outwards and above your head, while jumping, bring your feet together and wide apart in a loop. 


8. Seated Calf Raise

Sit on the edge of a chair and place a block under, resting the balls of your feet on top. Holding dumbbells, rest their bottom on your thighs. Lift your heels, squeeze your calf muscles and lower. 


9. Butt Kicks

Mimic running, only lift the heel of your foot higher all the way up to your glute one by one in a loop while moving the arms up and down on your sides. 

10. Weighted Calf Rock

Stand with your feet apart, holding weights. Roll back on your heels to shift the weight while raising the toes; instantly roll forward to rise up on your toes. 


11. High Knees

Stand straight, bend your arms at 90 degrees. Keep elbows close to sides and hands at waist level. Bending your right leg brings the knee up to tap your palm and repeat in a loop involving both legs. 


12. Downward Dog Walks

From a plank position with your palms flat on the mat, bend your knees inwards one by one while supporting your weight on your toes and shifting it with the bending knee in a loop.


13. Jump Rope

Keep your feet together and arms by the side; skip the rope in the same posture. One rep equals one jump. 


14. Step Up with Hop

Face a bench, place one foot and lift yourself upon it with a hop using the other foot. Keep your posture straight and face forward. 


15. Jump Squat

Stand with your feet apart, lower down to a squat and bring your arms together in the front; jump as high while swinging your arms back.