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5 Super Easy Bedroom Workouts For Weight Loss

Just sound the alarm (clock) and wake up 20 minutes earlier to exercise in the comfort of your boudoir; use your mattress and pillow as props for the moves below-and wear your pj’s, if you please!

 Note – First, warm up your body for three minutes by continuously performing moves like toe touches and jumping jacks. Then, complete the following full-body circuit three times.


Targets: arms, glutes, legs

Place right foot 12 inches in front of left, holding pillow horizontally at waist with both hands. Raise pillow over head, bending right knee and lowering body, with back knee slightly above the floor. Hold for 2 seconds. Return to start and switch legs. Complete 10 times on each leg.


Targets: glutes, legs

Stand 2 feet from bed, facing away. Lift left leg behind you and rest top of foot on bed edge. Hands on hips, pull in abs and bend right knee until right thigh is parallel to floor. (If knee extends past toes, move foot forward slightly.) Return to start by pushing up through right heel. Repeat for 30 seconds, then switch legs. Repeat for 30 seconds

3. “V” SIT

Targets: core           

Sit on a pillow, feet flat on floor, knees bent, arms extended in front of you and parallel to floor.  Pulling in abs, lean back 45 degrees; lift feet off floor and extend legs straight so body forms a “V” shape. Keeping abs pulled in, bring knees toward you and return to start position. Continue for 1 minute.


Targets – glutes, legs

Sit on bed edge, feet flat on floor. Shift weight to left leg and push off bed, raising and straightening right leg. Sit down and do 9 more reps. Switch legs and repeat.


Targets: arms, upper back

Lie facedown on bed, arms straight above head and extended slightly out to sides to form a “Y” position. Make a thumbs-up sign with both hands and perform 10 small pulses, raising arms a few inches off bed. Rest, then repeat. Continue for 1 minute.