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Ways To Get Rid Of Stress By Yourself

3 Ways To Get Rid Of Stress By Yourself

Finding it difficult to release stress? It isn’t just in your head; stress can cause aches and pains throughout your entire body. Rid yourself of it by paying attention to how your mood impacts different parts of your body and learn how to release the pressure from each part.



Stress can cause you to clench the muscles in your jaw or grind your teeth together at night. This can lead to tightness in your neck, face and scalp, which may contribute to frequent headaches.

Release it:

Don’t hold back your yawns. Yawning stretches all of the muscles in your face and jaw.  It also makes you take a deep breath which helps to relax you in stressful situations. Alternatively, try to remain conscious of when you’re stressed and fake a yawn so as not to clench your teeth.



Do you hunch your shoulders when stressed? Many of us suffer from tight shoulder muscles when stressed as this is where we carry the weight of the world. Doing so can contribute to a cycle of stress where emotional pressure produces physical strain. This makes it even harder to unwind.

Release it:

Press the pads of your index and middle fingers into either side of your neck (where your bolts would be if you were built by Frankenstein). Apply steady, gentle pressure for one or two minutes; breathe deeply until you notice a shift in sensation. This may be heat, tingling or even a numbing sensation. These are acupressure points that help release tension. Alternatively, go and get a massage!


Stuffing your toes into tight shoes can reduce circulation in your feet and contribute to tension all the way up your spine. If you’re already a stress-head, this certainly isn’t helping!

Release it:

Shoes off is the simple solution. Sitting at your work desk? Keep a pair of comfy slippers hidden under the desk. Go barefoot at home, walk around barefoot on your front lawn after running in your gym shoes, take the dogs for a walk along the beach and feel the sand and the salt water between your toes. Going shoeless will allow fresh blood and nutrients to flow back into your feet.