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8 Reasons Why Fit Woman Have Much Better Sex

Having a great sex life is the dream of every woman anywhere in the world being fit does not come easily because you must sacrifice many things including probably your lifestyle however the benefits of keeping fit are numerous including being able to maintain a much better sex life than people who are not generally fit research has shown that keeping fit through regular exercises plays a greater role in enhancing sexuality than many other factors It has been shown through research conducted by Finnish researchers that ,women in the age blanket of 42 to 46 years ,who do strenuous exercises experience more orgasms than their counterparts in the same age blanket.

The following are the 8 amazing reasons why fit women have much better sex:


Blood flow to the vagina is higher in fit women enhanced blood circulation in the vagina increases the level of physical arousal leading to more intense orgasms this physical fitness is always brought about by regular exercises.

2.  Makes You Stress Free

Fit women will always have less stress and therefore they enjoy better sex this is because exercising reduces stress. When one is experiencing anxiety it is difficult to get aroused physically and emotionally

3. Boost Confidence

Fit women all have body confidence they always feel better about their bodies and therefore are less anxious in bed and so they enjoy sex more.


Sex is a kind of exercise and therefore endurance is very much needed the more fit you are, the more endurance you possess and therefore the more sex you will enjoy. If you exercise regularly than you won’t have to pause prematurely to give your aching arms or tired legs a break during your next epic sex session.



It a well known fact that physically fit women always look better than physically unfit ones physical fitness will keep a woman attractive to her partner and therefore the chances of their sexual life sizzling are greatly reduced. Women who exercised frequently and reported higher levels of personal fitness were more likely to rate their desirability and sexual performance high above average.


6. Improves Flexibility

A fit body is also a flexible one .Flexibility also plays a big role in sexual performance especially where there is a desire to try different sex positions It is a well known fact that certain sex positions makes one to derive more sexual pleasure than other positions more fit woman will have more flexibility and will be able to try various sex positions which will in return enhance her sexual experience.


During a single strength workout, your body produces higher levels of growth hormone and testosterone, hormones that play a pivotal role in muscle growth-and sex drive.

Fit women will always have a better sexual aging this body fitness which is brought about by regular exercising helps your sex life to age well. Research has shown that fit women in their sixties do have the same sexual satisfaction as women in their twenties.

All women who would love to enjoy a great sex life up to their twilight years have no other better choice other than aiming to stay fit all through their lives