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Total Body Toning

3 Super Easy Workouts For Total Body Toning

With the festive season upon us, and the inevitable indulgences that accompany this time of year, there’s no better time to add some extra exercise to your routine and employ some damage limitation! And, being the party season, you’re going to want to look honed and toned in your little black dress, so why wait until the New Year to give your workout a boost? We’ve selected three essential exercises for you to try at home or in the gym. Each sculpts a different part of your body and performed together will get you in tip-top shape from head-to-toe.


1. Eccentric Quads



a) Kneel and raise both arms out in front of you.

b) Keeping your hips pressed forwards, lower your bottom towards your heels while rotating your body to one side and reaching your hand to your heels, keeping constant tension in your quads.

c) Use your quadriceps muscles to return to your start position and then lower and rotate and reach to the other side.Perform 10 repetitions, two sets.


BENEFITS: This exercise will develop rock-hard, toned thighs. It’s an eccentric exercise, which means your muscle contracts while lengthening, creating long, lean muscles and fantastic strength.


2. Walkouts to Overhead Press


TARGETS: Arms, shoulders, abdominals and legs

a) Stand with your feet together and place  a dumbbell either side of your feet.

b) Place your hands on the floor immediately in front of your feet and walk your hands forwards until your body has lowered into a hand plank position.

c) Immediately walk your hands back to your feet, pick up a dumbbell in each hand, bend your knees and squat upwards, pressing the dumbbells overhead. Perform 10 repetitions, two sets.

BENEFITS: This is a functional exercise requiring concentration and using multiple muscles to provide you with several exercises in just one move.


3. Plank with External Knee Tuck


TARGETS: Central abdominals and obliques.

a) Start in a plank position with your forearms and feet in contact with the ground, body straight and glutes and core engaged.

b) Lift and bend one knee, moving it towards your elbow on the same side, squeezing your obliques (side abdominals). Now return  to the start position before repeating with the other leg to the other side.

c) Alternate your legs, allowing your core to rotate as you move. Perform 20 repetitions, two sets.


BENEFITS: Strength and control  through your entire body as you isolate  your side abdominals to tighten and  shape your midsection.