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3 Amazing Tips To Spice Up Your Relationship Again

Every relationship has its woes and unfortunately, this is part of the inevitable. People get bored, comfortable, or begin to take for granted some things because they think they’ll have it forever. The challenge of making you his is gone, and most people like challenges. People LIVE for challenges. That’s what makes life interesting! If you are in this rut though, no need to fret. Your relationship isn’t over yet. Here are 7 amazing tips to make your boyfriend more romantic again.


1. Make up & Dress Up


Guys aren’t just the culprits here. They are only one side of the equation. Chances are, you’ve gotten a little too comfortable too. You’ve started to dress a little sloppier, left the dishes to clean a little later, bossed him around to do whatever it is he does around the house without showing your appreciation. It’s routine now. It’s normal. He does his thing, you do your own thing, and you meet up a little later and in between to do the couple thing. When I say make up & dress up to bring a new sunshiny light into the apartment, don’t do it for him. Do it for yourself. Buy yourself that dress you saw by the window shop the other day and wear it when you go out. Try on new make up or do your make up like you used to. Brush your hair, wax your legs, and feel again like the gorgeous woman you really are (with or without a guy). Let every beautiful inch of you shine through. Dress to make you feel good, and let everything else follow. Be confident and secure in your own skin. When you feel good about yourself, he’ll start to see you in a newer light. A fresher one. Because guys tend to be visual, shake up his visuals a little bit. Get him to notice and see you all over again.


2. Try a little thing called communication

If you want a little more romance in your life and your guy’s not getting the picture, you might have to sit down with him and talk to him about it. A bit of experience shows that guys can be pretty clueless when it comes to reading girls’ signals. They’re not mindreaders and they tend to be stubborn about some things. If you want him to send you the moon, tell him. (Of course be reasonable about what you ask). Let him know that if things don’t spark up quick, the relationship might end up a dead-end.


3. Do a Little of His Favorite Things

What does your guy like? Watching soccer? Tape an important game on the television while he’s at work. Playing PS4? Make him a sandwich and flop over next to him to cuddle while you let him play. Whatever it is your guy is into, do him favors. Give him gestures. Chances are he’ll realize what an amazing girlfriend he has and will want to return the favors back. Sometimes you have to give a little romance to receive a little romance. Do little things for him, and then watch as he begins to do little things for you.