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6 Superb Make-up Tips For Women With Glasses

One of the things a majority of ladies find very challenging is how to do makeup with glasses. This in the long run has always made some of them to skip the routine for the make-ups especially for those who wear glasses. Therefore, instead for hiding behind the spectacles, one is always advised to highlight her features by simply following the guidelines below:

1. Properly groom the eyebrows

In a bid to make the eyebrows easily noticeable, many people normally opt for wearing the glasses. Significantly, one ought to know that whereas there are glasses that are merely used for covering the eyebrows, there are equally those that are important for framing them. In both cases, one has the obligation of keeping the eyebrows very well groomed. As a matter of fact, this can be achieved through tweezing, waxing and threading. Nevertheless, it is also important to trim and shape them nicely.

2. Complementing the make-up with the frame

There are some glasses that are known for having warm undertones. In this regard, one is always advised to eye shadow of warm tone or lipstick. Besides this, it is also worthy to apply the make-up as per the type of the frame. This is without forgetting the color of the frame.

3. Highlight the pout

This is achieved by using a very subtle lipstick. Alternatively, using colorful and distinct frame gloss is also advisable. In case of more understated glasses or classic appeal ones, one is advised to choose a lipstick shade that is bold enough. For the slightly tinted glasses, it is of great essence to wear a color that is bright enough. This will prevent the eyes from looking very pale.

4. Curl the eye lids and lashes

Curling the lashes as well as lids are advised since this is what makes it possible for the eyes to appear big and bright enough. For those I dire need of the natural look, opting for soft shades is the way to go. Such include grey, bronze and brown.


5. The use of liquid concealer

Also, the use of concealer creams is very vital as this is what normally makes one’s face to appear cakey. One should basically choose a formula for the liquid in order to achieve this move.

6. Recommended make-up

The demand for using the make-ups has made many manufacturing companies to come up with many make-ups which if not looked into with a lot of care, then one may get a raw deal. All in all, it is thus imperative to contact an expert in this field so as to realize the purpose for which the make-up was being used.